Zen Horse herd dynamics for team building

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Are you tired of boring conference room games? Invest in a day of experiential team building like no other!

Enhance cohesion while discovering your team's strengths and challenges. Experts in executive coaching, my horses give your team the opportunity to experience a non-judgmental assessment of your herd member style, communication, collaboration, flexibility and connection. 

I will tailor each session to your group's individual needs and desired outcomes.

Create a culture of success with an experiential, team building workshop!


"The horses really highlighted our individual strengths and our group weaknesses. We had to gain great clarity in our communications and collaboration in order to complete various tasks with the horses' cooperation! The skills the horses taught us carried over to the office brilliantly!"--Carrie

"I realized, today, how my energy can come across as competitive when I'm trying to work with a team.  It is humbling to face yourself in the mirror- that is the horse.  They bring about awareness on a huge level in a way that is free of any judgement whatsoever. Once we all realized the energetic affect we have on each other, we began to develop new ways of collaborating that respects each individual."--Phil

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