​​ Life Coaching and Equine Encounters

The Zen Horse Experiences

Career Transformation

5 sessions

Exploring your inner alignment and true heart's desire, using a series of experiential activities with and without our horses, will begin to release your limiting beliefs and reveal a life that is in alignment with you values and passions.  Once we understand who we are, our true essence, we can learn to live as our authentic selves. In this series, you will uncover strengths you may have long forgotten or not yet discovered and find a career that is aligned with your life's purpose.

Dream Manifestation through Intuitive Guidance

4 sessions

Reclaim and nurture your intuition to manifest your dreams and desires of your authentic self.  We, as humans, have forfeited our intuitive powers for language.  By working with horses, you can learn to trust your intuition, using the smallest actions, shifts in breathing, posture and tone to inform and enhance your intuitive powers.

Soul Massage

3 sessions

Whether you want to calm the mind, relieve stress, sharpen focus, live in the present moment or discover your passion and life purpose, coaching will help you reveal the answers.  If you are looking to transform your life through weight loss or  realizing your greatest potential, together we will co-create your experience to help you reach your individual goals.  Your experience can be in person, with or without horses or on Skype.

Herd Dynamics for your Team

1 day workshop

Enhance cohesion while discovering your team's strengths and challenges.  My horses give your team the opportunity to experience a non-judgmental opinion on your communication, collaboration, flexibility and energy.  Create a culture of success in this experiential workshop.

Equinelightenment--Discover the Buddha in your Barn

Schedule a 2 day clinic based on my upcoming book to discover the many ways horses can assist us in achieving our highest potential through insight, awareness, presence, emotional agility and emotional intelligence.  Learn to listen to your horse's voice and create a deeper bond.  Day 1 is a full day group session and day 2 is reserved for one hour personalized sessions with individuals and their own horses.

The Art of Equus

Nurture your creativity in this 2 hour workshop integrating inspiring horse interactions with your own artistic creations. Great for book clubs, church groups or teams!  Material are provided.  No art experience is necessary.  Workshop is limited to 8 participants.  Come create your masterpiece!