executive coaching


Conscious Leadership

Step out of your comfort zone and excel in the many qualities of a conscious leader.  If you can learn to motivate and inspire a 1000 lb. bio-feedback machine, you will become a better leader for your human team members, too. To motivate a non judgmental, highly sensitive horse, one must bring their authentic self to the arena, align the 3 centers of intelligences-the head, heart and gut, and mindfully set clear intentions. Take this back to the office and become a master leader through equine assisted executive coaching.


 "As a team leader, it is sometimes difficult to see my own limiting beliefs that hinder my team.  The horses highlighted these for me and, in continuing to work with Michelle, I have been able to catapult these beliefs from negative to productive."-John

"The horses really test the quality of your leadership skills! They require that you be a confident, yet humble decision maker, an inspirational, assertive and creative leader.  You must be committed and be a clear communicator.  The horses will unabashedly teach you  where your weaknesses and assist you in  turning those weaknesses into strengths." --Sandra