Create a Career that feeds your soul!


Transforming Your Career

Discontent in your career?

Does your work feed your soul?

Is your career in alignment with your values?

Do you have space to reach your highest potential?

Are you afraid to make the changes necessary to live an authentic life?

Through career coaching, you will explore your inner alignment and true heart's desire, using a series of experiential activities with and without our horses.  You will begin to release your limiting beliefs and reveal a life that is in alignment with your values and passions.  Once we understand who we are, our true essence, we can learn to live and work as our authentic selves. In this series, you will uncover strengths you may have long forgotten or not yet discovered and find a career that is aligned with your life's purpose.  

As your coach,  I will work with you to:

-Define the limiting beliefs that prevent you from reaching your highest potential

-Gain an in depth understand of your self, your situation and the outcomes you desire

-Develop the courage to embrace change

-Explore your values and find a career that aligns with those values

-Define your short-term and long-term goals

-Discover your highest potential to get that promotion

-Gain clarity around your professional goals 

-Strategize and make a plan  to meet those goals

-Hold you accountable 

-Find the career of your dreams


"I wish to express how much your coaching skills have changed my life,...Thank you for your insight and setting space for me to grow and continue to grow into my journey." --Nikki

"Connecting with the horses has allowed me to explore my heart's desire.  I came to coaching to search for the right career for myself.  I was unhappy in my chosen field but did not know what I really wanted to do.  Though working with Michelle and the horses, I have discovered my true passion and purpose."--Karen

"I went to college, got a job in my career path and worked in that field for 11 years.  Needless to say, I did not love it.  As time went on, I grew to dread going to work.  That's when I sought coaching.  Zen Horse Coaching has helped me define a purpose that aligns with my heart, chart my plan for change and find the courage to pursue my passion." -Suzanne

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