This was far beyond what I expected.  Being with your horses was powerfully therapeutic...today's experience deeply motivated me. --Hyun

I feel as if I was offered (and accepted) very deep healing on many levels.--Karen

I could never have imagined that an animal could be such a healer and a "guide" for us humans.--Carla

I realized how easy it was to find the answers by connecting with the horses rather than by analyzing and seeking answers with other humans.--Sharon

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Michelle Hefner has spent 20 years as an equine professional, teacher and coach.  She combines her extensive experience in communication and education with a passion for helping people to reach their goals, live authentic lives and discover their passions in life.  Her experiences working with horses taught her presence, communication beyond words, energetic connection and the value of horse wisdom.  She is an ICF certified life coach, a certified equine assisted coach and a certified mindfulness coach.

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My passion is helping people to release limitations and embrace a life in alignment with their values.  This is important because it gives them the courage to connect with their unique sense of purpose and to commit to realizing their dreams.  One way I do this is with interactions with my horses. They offer a non-judgmental space that allows my clients to explore their heart's desires, their dreams and their innate wisdom.

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